Crystal Cave

May 2022

My sister and I meditate regularly and sometimes share our experiences if we have a vision or a message come to us.

Last week we had a good idea to go to a place we sometimes go to during meditation called Crystal Cave. We go there for different reasons, like to get a message or an answer to a question or to meet our spirit guide(s), things like that.

We both knew we’d be up early on Saturday, with our families still asleep, so we picked that time to do this.

We thought it might be a good idea to have a couple specific questions. My sister asked her if she liked green peppers, because she can’t remember and nobody else knows that still alive. I couldn’t think of a yes or no question so I just asked for a basic message.

I started with wall sits while doing Reiki for about 10 minutes and then I move to the chair in front of the fireplace and sat there for about 20 minutes.

When I got to Crystal Cave my grandpa was at the entrance I can’t remember if he had a message for me, but don’t think he did. I went to the cave and nobody was in there. Soon my mom did come. The message I got from her is just simplicity and just to live simply (for optimum peace and happiness).

When she first came to me I got another message. Her materializing into my “Earth Mom’s” body was her least favorite person to come back as. this was not a surprise to me she was always so hard on herself about her looks and was so self-conscious about her appearance even though she was very pretty. I thought this was a funny message to get from her and found it humorous and lighthearted.

My sister does meditation a lot different than me and she actually meditated for about an hour. When she got to Crystal Cave, there was big bold letters on the door saying no she assumed that was the answer to her question. she said she normally doesn’t see words in print during meditation so that was significant for her.

When she walked in the entrance my mom was already there. She could see the back of her hair over the chair. She was sitting in a chair watching the fire. Oh yeah, there’s always a fire in the cave with various people around it, mostly people who have passed.

I don’t remember what their conversation was like or if they had a conversation but the interesting thing is our mom had no face. 

When we talked after and I told her about how her mom hates coming back in her body as our mom she asked me if she had a face in my vision. I couldn’t remember because I don’t really see images that clear it’s more of like figures.

In her vision, our mom had a red shirt on that she owned in real life but no face which was really confusing for my sister. When she heard what I had to say she figured that she didn’t want to put on her face because she really hated, which she did in this life.

I wanted to write this down because I didn’t want to forget it. It was a really neat experience and we’re looking forward to going back to Crystal Cave together in our meditations.

Namaste ❤️💙💜💛💚🧡


Published by Hella Moone

I am a mom of boys, wife, furmom, gardner, walker, runner, teacher, reader, writer and cook. I am 42 years old and live in the beautiful state of Michigan. I love my job as an elementary special education teacher. The most remarkable quality of mine is that I'm a recovering alcoholic.

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