Empath on Steroids

Oxford Languages define “empath” as a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. I’ve done this on a fairly small scale for as long as I can remember. Usually, I feel sad or sorry for someone, but it feels like it is me who is experiencing the emotions. This has happened with people I’m in close proximity with, such as family members or coworkers.

Last week my empathy sense took over everything for a minute.

It started on Thursday. On the way to work, I remarked to my sister that I forgot to put rocks (crystals) in my pockets. Then I told her that I normally bring at least 3 stones, in addition to the stone bracelets I wear. That day I forgot them all. My sister laughed, and asked me what I needed all that protection for.

I went on with my day, and encountered rumblings of a murder (on social media) that happened back in 1971, in the town that I currently live in. I was intrigued and spent a great deal of time looking at old newspapers with accounts of this story.

John “Jack” Keyes and Kathy Radkte were a popular, all american teenage couple back in 1971. They left to run errands on a Sunday evening back in January 1971 and never came back. Jack was found the next morning in his beloved 1969 fastback mustang, reclined in the drivers seat, hand holding his license, shot in both cheeks from the outside of the car. Kathy was nowhere to be found.

In the weeks and months that followed, the police interviewed hundreds of people and administered many lie detector tests- but all leads came up empty.

Kathy’s body was found about 4 months later floating in a lake 30 miles away from the crime scene. They drilled a hole through the ice, and stuffed her in. They tied the gun they used, pic ax and her belongings to a cement chunk and then to her body with a venetian blind cord. The cord eventually loosened or broke, which freed her body.

Everything I read struck a cord within me. I know where their houses are (back then, the newspapers stated the victims addresses) and drive through the subs regularly. At the time of the murder, they were about the same age as my oldest is now. They were born around the same time as my parents. Right where her body was found, in Holly MI, I have many family members and am familiar with that area as well.

It seems so silly to write out, but since then, it’s like I’m experiencing this first hand. How can something that happened 50 years ago affect me this much.

That night, it was still on my mind heavily and I went to bed early. I tossed and turned and thought about the sad murder every time I woke up. I reached out to my Reiki teacher the following day. I was at work but still thinking about Jack and Kathy.

Thinking about their murders makes me cry, even today, 5 days later. I think about my life as a child in the 80’s and I think of my mom, who was in her 30’s, doing the things she did as a mom with young kids in her 30’s. Then I cry because Jack and Kathy never had that opportunity- and would have been parents in their 30’s in the 80’s if they had lived.

I cry for Jacks brother and his friend, who found the boy shot and frozen solid. Was that why his brother Chris proceeded his mom’s death in 2007? When did Chris Keyes die, and how?

When I think of her parents missing her and not knowing where on earth she is for almost 4 months, I can’t breathe. When I think of them getting the news, and the circumstances, my breath gets even shorter.

I cry when I read the social media posts, remembering them and this awful time. Many people commented about what a sad sad time that was. Kathy’s mom was the elementary school secretary and was loved by everyone.

I’ve been doing things since last week to help re-align me spiritually. Someone suggested that something within this story has triggered me, yet I still can’t figure out what or why. It happened so long ago, and to families that I had no knowledge of until recently. So why does it feel like I’m directly involved in this? How can I be literally grieving for a 50 year old murder of two people whom I’ve never even met?

I thought it might help to write it all out, and I think it has a little. I’m going to attach an interesting podcast about this murder, and a few newspaper clippings.


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